Wildcat Youth Mentors are college students who provide trusting relationships, one-to-one, to at-risk middle or high school students.Wildcat Youth Mentors has delivered life-changing friendships to thousands of youths over the past 10 years, encouraging them to achieve their full potential academically and morally.

Mentors can volunteer in a number of schools state-wide. In as little as one hour each week per semester, through friendship and listening, you can significantly change the outlook for a local student. Following a brief orientation and training, you will be paired with a youngster of promise whom you will meet weekly at his/her school.

Together, we match your interests with the needs and interests of your Mentee. With your leadership, you can choose how to build the skills that your Mentee needs to succeed. Our Mentors become “work-ready” and earn the references to prove it.


Mentor’s Journal: a place to share your Wildcat Youth Mentors experience

I am very eager to start mentoring at Barrington Middle School (BMS) again in this upcoming semester. My mentee, Kyle, seemed to be a little socially timid while I was not around. Once I arrived at BMS, he would have a smile ear to ear, having trouble vocalizing everything he wanted to say to me within our hour together. He loves books, action figures, and a wide variety of computer games. Although he may not have the same interests as every other boy in the classroom, Kyle is aware that he is very intelligent and unique. One of the happiest moments that I ever saw Kyle was at his school play “Pride and Prejudice” on a Saturday night. You could see his eyes scanning the crowd and a sense of relief once he noticed I was out there watching. For this upcoming semester, my goal is to make sure Kyle is being very productive in school. In the past, I always had to find the right balance of being an active listener and helping him with an assignment that would be due that day. I couldn’t be happier to be paired with Kyle and I can’t wait to see what next semester has in store for the two of us.
Mentor – Kevin; Mentee – Kyle

Wildcat Youth Mentors Advisory Council:

Steve Donovan, Executive Director, UNH Alumni Association
Adam Bermingham, ’10; Caitlin Bush, ’10; Rachel Cail, ’11; Tripp Cox, ’12; Ashley Doukas ’10; Sara Espinal ’11; Bill Frattini ’09; Megan Graves ’12; Ashley Havener ’10; Brittney Jackson, ’07; Keith Johnson, ’13; Tom Kennedy ’10; Sara Langley, ’07; Matty Leighton, ’84; Brittany Mays, ’12; Laura Norquist, ’06; Codi Nuzzo, ’08; Gavin O’Brien, ’06; Johanna O’Brien, ’06; Dani Olean, ’13; Kate Ouhrabka, ’10; Katelyn Palmer, ’06; Adam Perreault, ’05; Ross Randall, ’12; Lisa Santilli, ’11; Kimberlee Simpson, ’04; Ed Stitz, ’09; Chuck Stone, ’04; Jami Sullivan ’12; Meaghan Sullivan ’13