Take part in hands-on environmental education about safe water with our trained volunteers. Protecting our local drinking and recreational waters from chemicals, pathogens, nutrients, and other harmful substances is critical to everyone’s health and well-being. It’s also an important component to a functioning Seacoast economy, which depends so much on its fish and shellfish, as well as boating, swimming, diving, and other water sports.

Great for kids and adults alike.

LifeWise uses the EnviroScape watershed model to train and teach people how to limit the potential dangers to this precious resource. Learn how waste runoff (gasoline, manure, lawn fertilizer, oils, road salt, and more) ends up polluting our rivers, streams, lakes, ponds, estuaries, and oceans. You’ll also learn simple ways to prevent this kind of contamination.

Water Guardians has been growing for 14 consecutive years.

Contact us today to schedule a presentation at your school, camp, county fair, or other event. It’s free, and we work with your schedule. Presentations include our free Water Cycle poster, “Project Wet” flyer, and brochures on water protection and proper hazardous waste disposal.


NH Coastal Program
NH Department of Environmental Services


NH Science Teachers Association
UNH Cooperative Extension
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency