LifeWise has served New Hampshire communities for over 20 years and we would love to help you.

Reduce high school dropout rates: Are you looking to reduce attrition in a local high school? If so, we have a large and growing base of trained college student volunteers who will gladly provide a minimum of 1 hour every week, at your school, focused totally with a selected at-risk teen.
Check out our Wildcat Youth Mentors for more information.

Are you a US Veteran looking for civilian work? We have professional résumé writers on call to help design and write, re-write and tweak the résumés of returning US Veterans, free of charge. Seasoned résumé writers will convert military experiences and terms into words that civilian hiring managers will easily understand so you can land that next job.
Check out Veterans Résumés for Success for more information.

Protect New Hampshire waters: Would you like to learn more about water pollution, the water cycle, and how to reduce or eliminate sources of pollution to your local waters? Water Guardians are citizen scientists and naturalists skilled in teaching school groups and adults alike. We will come to your school, college, workplace, or special event to demonstrate our interactive watershed model. Interested?
Check out Water Guardians.

Teach students how to help stop bullying: Are you interested in helping to reduce the impacts of bullying in a middle or high school? Our highly trained professionals each a variety of safe intervention techniques to both teachers and students. Can we help you?
Check out Training Active Bystanders to learn more.

Have a special request for LifeWise to assist your community? Let us know. We’re always open to suggestions and we can call upon a large network of local partners who represent a variety of areas of expertise.

Get in touch now to bring LifeWise into your school or community.

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