Training Active Bystanders

Training Active Bystanders is a program for students and teachers to learn how to interrupt harmful situations with a variety of safe intervention techniques.  Student-led trainings help students and teachers have the competence and confidence to intervene in negative situations and create a safer environment in the school.  LifeWise co-teaches the Training Active Bystanders curriculum at New Hampshire Seacoast area schools.

Training Active Bystanders is an evidence-based program first developed and implemented in middle and high schools by Quabbin Mediation in 2007.  According to extensive evaluation,Training Active Bystanders helps to significantly reduce violence. How significant? Results show a 20% difference compared to control schools.
Training Active Bystanders works to:

  • heighten bystanders’ awareness of their influence;
  • teach how bystanders can interrupt harm-doing;
  • generate positive actions by others; and,
  • explain how passivity becomes complicity.

The curriculum itself is a set of tools: concepts, skills, and a means of situational analysis. Youth trainers transform the curriculum into something personally meaningful and then pass those tools on to underclassmen.

For more information, visit, or contact:

Sharon Tracy, Executive Director, Quabbin Mediation or 978-544-6142

Bruce Montville, President & CEO, LifeWise Community Projects or 

Yes You Can!

Yes You Can! is a free enrichment program developed by LifeWise and focused on helping middle school students become more aware of their potential, and in turn, more inspired to create career goals. By setting up short workshops directly in the classroom or after school programs, Yes You Can! puts students face-to-face with professionals from local businesses and organizations who speak about their journeys to a successful career.

Our mission: to influence NH middle school students to strive to graduate high school by realizing their full potential.

Yes You Can! tends to growing minds with real-world hope that their futures can be bright with focus and determination. By supplying them with a direct awareness of potential career options, and presenting this information with positive affirmation, Yes You Can! stands by its name: we showcase that these career options are not only obtainable, but worth the effort (by first and foremost making school a priority).

Yes You Can! relies on business professionals to act as guest speakers for its in-school program installments. It’s important to us that we have a myriad of professionals for schools to choose from, representing various occupations and local businesses. Yes You Can! advocates tell their stories during a 30 minute presentation at scheduled school(s). Company brochure handouts are encouraged.

Following the presentation(s), we will issue a press release to the local media, giving your company and speaker the community recognition you deserve. Interested in taking part?

Contact Bruce Montville, President, LifeWise Community or 

Productive Opportunities Project

Through our Productive Opportunities Project, LifeWise can assist those that are court ordered into community service with finding meaningful local positions. LifeWise has numerous nonprofit worksites that welcome those non-violent offenders that are court ordered into community service.

Our referral service is free of charge and confidential. 

Productive Opportunities Project is actively used  by the NH Public Defender Office and County Adult Diversion Programs. Additionally, we refer individuals for work release and regular employment to the private sector that may qualify for Work Opportunities Tax Credits (WOTC).

Please consider referring non-violent offenders that are required to perform community service hours to us, and we will take it from there.

Interested in being a part of our Productive Opportunities Project?

Contact Bruce Montville, President, LifeWise Community or